Friday, May 29, 2009



A Club comprising individuals with exceptional talent, leadership traits, extraordinary strengths and tenacity!
  • Calling ALL Penghulus, Deputy Penghulus...who have held these positions in our training sessions over past days, weeks, months or years....
  • Enter and Sign in please!
  • You could have been our Penghulu or Deputy Penghulu--and you've done good time with us at training-- it could have been just last week, or a few months ago, or last year, two or five or even more years ago--you know who you are
  • We want YOU so come on out, sign in and be counted
  • We want to gather all of you together over some R&R and also to convene a first Think-Tank discussion to share some of our ideas and plans about "Penghulus Extraordinaire" going forward.
  • The date of our 1st gathering will depend on how quickly we round up ALL of let's pass the word along and I am optimistic!!
  • All of you have had great ideas, initiative and foresight, so we would like you to share your thoughts with us and make this special Exclusive Club truly one that speaks volumes of its members and truly announce too that its membership is EARNED in all true sense of the word !

So my dear Penghulus and Deputy Penghulus...

  • Blog us back a note leaving of course your Name, Company, contact DID, HP, email, picture of yourself if you have one to share and want to share
  • We look forward to hear from you then!

Mary Quah

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Come join us..and give some comment..thank you.. :)